Vegan “cream” of carrot soup

imageI actually had a lot of carrots on hand, so I wanted to make another carrot recipe. This soup was so creamy and tasted so good.  It is definitely one of those recipes I keep making over and over again.  When I want to change it up, I add one half to one tsp of minced ginger root.

What you will need

four medium carrots or three monster sized ones

unsweetened cashew milk

veggie bullion

First, I cleaned and sliced four carrots into approximately one inch chunks.  Then I cooked the carrots in boiling water on the stove.  When carrots are soft to the point of easily cutting into, drain most of the water out of the pot.

Take out the blender.  You can use other tools, but most people have a blender, and it gives it a texture I enjoy.  Add a cup of unsweetened cashew milk and 1 tsp veggie bullion powder.  Blend well.

Put the mixture back on the stove and simmer for about five minutes, making sure to stir well the entire time.

i like to garnish mine with asparagus, but mostly because I usually have odds and ends left over from other meals.


note- an even easier hack for these is to make the easy vegan mashed carrots, and make extra.  When you decide you want soup, it’s so easy!  Place the extra mashed carrots in the blender.  Blend and add cashew milk splash by splash until the desired texture is reached.  Then I like to add another little bit of veggie bullion powder.  Skip to the part of the recipe where you put it back on the stove.


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